Zhejiang Zhenglian Industrial Development Corporation Limited located in the center of Hangzhou city, adjoined to attractive West Lake. We mainly deal with Fastener of American, Germany standard and hardware design, selling and manufacture of high strength fasteners. Ningbo Daxie Chuofeng Industrial Development Corporation Limited and Zhejiang Guorui Industrial Corporation Limited subjected to the main company. Our company had good reputation with customers from American, Germany, Britain, Spanish, Sweden, Palestinian, Vietnam , South Korean, Hong Kong and all around the world.

Our company is a Private Company with Capital of 5,000,000RMB. Our system is the General Manager takes responsibility of companys daily routine under the Board leadership. One of the sub-companies called Ningbo Daxie Chuofeng Industrial Development Corporation Limited with capital of US$1,600,000 mainly took the responsibility of exporting Fastener and Hardware which are of American and Germany standard. The other sub-company called Zhejiang Guorui Industry Corporation Limited with capital of US$29,000,000 mainly dealt with the package of high strength Fastener and inside and outside packing of exported products and transportation business.

Our company had strong technology support, 80% of our colleagues are master or bachelors degree. We also employed senior professors and senior engineers from Zhejiang University or other famous Universities in Hangzhou and from Countrys Technology center instructing technology process and enterprise management. After Several years of development, we cultivated a group of manages who are familiar with product quality , good at modern concept of management .With encouragement of general manager, we pay more attention to the training of members of the company. Including business training, quality training, and management concept training, these kinds of training provide a vital support in promoting ISO 9000 quality system.

In our manufacturing base, we had several advanced on-line hot treatment equipment for manufacturing high strength fastener. We also introduced international advanced Controlled Atmosphere Mesh Belt Type Heat Treatment Furnace and created prerequisite for our company to manufacture high quality fastener products which could conform to the requirement of customers
from Americans and Germany.

Meanwhile, our company concentrated on improving research and measuring abilities. We use advanced metal materials mechanical properties tester which was processed by advanced computer data, Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers tester, Metallographic tester etc advanced testers. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of products to products to satisfy customers need.